Niche Zero, DF64 or ???

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Recently I bought an ECM Synchronika with flow control. I've been using the Rancilio Rocky (I can hear the gasps...) since 1990 and thought it might be time to get a better grinder. I make primarily milk drinks which include about 2 oz milk in my shot. My taste prefers rich, full-bodied espresso, thick, smooth, chocolatey, nutty, caramel; acid is ok but, toned-down. I haven't been drawn to fruity flavors, at least not yet. I've been looking at the Niche zero but find the DF64 intriguing due to the many burrs that are available. I only need the grinder for espresso. I'd rather limit the price to Niche type price and steer clear of $1,500- grinders.
Does it sound like the Niche would be a good choice?
Are there burrs for the DF64 that might be as good or better than the Niche, given my desired taste profile?
Other suggestions to get what I want?

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My assumption, based on your comment, is that you would like a single dose grinder. I believe the Niche grinder would serve you well given that you mainly pull espressos.


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Based on your taste description, I definitely think you'd prefer a conical burr like the Niche. It delivers lots of body and emphasizes the chocolate/nut profile you like. Also leaving that aside, it's just a much better workflow - no need to mod it, or use a bellows, or any of that, it just works right out of the box.


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I use the compak k10 conical grinder that I use in alternation with df64 fitted with ssp burrs. I find this combo is ideal as it gives me an excellent titan grade conical that I can use when I want classic espresso profile and I can use the flat burr grinder when I use light or medium roasts. Perhaps given your tastes, you should go for the niche zero first since you mostly go for that classic espresso from the sound of what you described. However in the future when budget permits, you can add the df64 and the ssp burr set you are interested to try to provide a contrasting taste profile to the conical.
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I just received my Turin DF64 a couple of days ago. I'm still dialing it in but even the mistakes are drinkable. So far so good!


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I don't have nearly the experience of some members but I did have a friend who was crazy enough to purchase both the Niche and df-64 with SSP burrs to see which one he liked better. Even better was getting to borrow and compare with my Sette over 3 days and several lbs and types of coffee.

Long story short, the Sette and Niche were really close in flavor for most coffees and excelled at darker roasts. I had a difficult time telling them apart at times. The workflow, style and sound level is where the Niche Zero really shined. It was just...much more of a pleasant experience

The df-64 took the lighter roasts I had and made them shine. The acidity popped and the fruit flavors were very prominent in both home roasts as well as professional. Its considerably quieter than the Sette, but the work flow is not as nice as the Niche. When it came darker roasts I preferred the Sette and Niche as they had more balanced body and flavor.

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Thanks for these helpful replies!
One thing I'd like to understand: is it possible to get that classical espresso profile that the Niche and other conical grinders are known for, by installing the right burr option into a DF64? I've heard some discussion about the SSP High Uniformity burrs in the DF64 and I've also heard about ceramic burrs that some say deliver a classical, thick espresso with darker roasts (I'm not sure if those ceramics fit the DF64). What I don't know is if these burr options simply move the DF64 closer to what the conical Niche does, or if they are just as good at producing that classical heavy style espresso as the Niche. Some insight on this would be appreciated.


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30 years ago, when I first got into the espresso game, conical burrs weren't even a thing. 58mm or 64mm flat steel or ceramic burrs were pretty much the only options.

I have the Niche Zero and the DF64 with standard burrs and I like the flavors and body I get from both. They are different but equal to my taste.


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Ha, ha...good olde Rocky. Those 50mm flat burrs were the home barista's go to some years ago. I had one, still have it but it just sleeps in the basement. I found you could squeeze a better flavor profile out of it by grinding frozen doubt contributed to a more narrow particle size distribution. That said, certainly the Niche would probably suit your taste preference and pocketbook. But think about the long term, the Lagom P64 might be your answer when it comes to alignment, optional burrs now and future, in a grinder that should last a lifetime. Just another option.
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Personal preference similar to yours, but pass on the milk. Caps are just an occasional drink when using the MCal. Running conical burr grinders (Macap M7) for the past couple decades after a decade of I think a flat burr (Mazzer Mini). Now using the NZ. Similar grind quality to the M7. But with the neatness, low waste, and convience of single dose grinder.

Using the Flair 58 pulled some Ethiopian ?? this AM. Nice hint of blueberry. JMHO, flavor profile is dependent on bean, roast level, process of extraction. Burr profile just mutes or enhances certain characteristics. Sometimes we over think the hardware. I'm guilty of that fault at times. It can be a limiting or enhancing factor. But not to the extent of basically everything else effects the quality of the drink.
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