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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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Pressino wrote:OK, thanks for that clarification. What you are describing sounds more like the old Silex or "Kona" coffee maker. We had one at home when I was a kid, and I preferred the coffee that came from that rather than from our metal stove-top percolator...though I did like the sound and smell it made while brewing...which was used along with video of coffee splashing in the glass percolator top in an old Maxwell House coffee commercial...

perhaps stovetop models have less control over heat but the same thing is happening on the inside. the glass lid or bubble is just for convenience.

most drip coffee makers use the same basic mechanics except the tube runs away from the brew water and drips into a separate carafe. in a percolator, nothing is separated and it just gets recirculated.


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My wife and mil prefer coffee from a Hamilton Beach electronic percolator. I guess it's okay when you're using several month old stale coffee anyway.

For decades, or even possibly hundreds of years people used percolators on the stove top or fire as the way to make coffee. Before the Mr coffee machine came out... bringing easy automatic drip into everybody's home...that's how my parents did it. And thats how my grandparents did it too.


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According to Wikipedia one of the reasons for the downfall of the percolator was the emergence of "better" instant coffee in the 1970s. That says something about the average quality in those days. It smelled good though. Perolators really pumped aroma into the room. And that lively sound it made put you in a good mood.

I think making good coffee with a percolator should be possible. I've read of people doing it. My own attempts fell far short but that may have been at least partly due to the machine, which had a fixed cycle. A stovetop model would be more adjustable as you could vary the heating rate as well as the time. I'm almost tempted to try again... almost.

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One key to good perc coffee is to make it at high altitude or I suppose under vacuum.

I bought a clear glass percolator just to watch it perc. Didn't really use it for making coffee. Forgive the background music and low production values.

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