[FS] Baratza Forte BG with Extras REDUCED PRICE

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Selling my Forte BG now that I have received my LWW Key grinder. I used the Forte for approximately 2 years of light use (~2 shots per day). It was originally alicorned, though as per the Alicorn thread, it needs to be aligned again. Currently installed are the ceramic burrs. Brew burrs and shims will be included with the sale. The sale also includes the single dose hopper.

Total cost is $950 USD. My price is $800 $750 $700 $675 $625 $550 shipped to CONUS

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Bump for Price reduction

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Bump to let folks know this particular Forte is the original Alicorn aligned by Jake himself in the thread. Jake gave me permission to share that information. Just wanted to mention along with a bump that's it's still available!

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Weekly bump with price $25 price reduction.

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JayBeck, please review Read before buying or selling; it documents the buy/sell rules you agreed to. Specifically:
Please price your sale competitively so your item finds a new home quickly; this benefits buyers and sellers alike. Moderators reserve the right to delete listings priced above retail or with excessive "reduced price" updates. If your item doesn't sell after 60 days, moderators reserve the right to remove your listing and bar it from being listed again.
By your count, you've updated this listing seven times in less than four weeks. That's way over a "reasonable" number of updates. If your grinder doesn't sell by Sunday, this listing will be removed and barred from being listed again. Going forward, if you wish to keep your buy/sell privileges, follow the rules. Thanks.
Dan Kehn