[SOLD] Rancilio Rocky Doserless Grinder (reduced price)

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$100 for Rancilio Rocky 50 mm flat burr grinder, buyer pays shipping (shipping to CONUS, from 35756 17x17x9 20 pounds), payment via PayPal for confirmed/verified address. This is a stepped grinder with 50 settings, although you can go past the setting if wanting to coarse for French press or cold brew.

Original owner of the Rocky, I purchased this from Whole Latte Love in April 2009. I used it for both brew and espresso, and I put new burrs that have had about 100 pounds of coffee since being replaced. The total amount of use is around 700 pounds. I'm selling this as I have 2 other brew grinders and 2 other espresso grinders and don't need a backup anymore.

I'd recommend getting a scale to put under the grinder on the metal platform to weight the coffee as it's ground. With that I could pretty reliably hit within a 0.5 g. It's very easy to switch between French press, pour over, and is a good first espresso grinder. I'd also remove the portafilter holder (it slides in and out) if using for brewing.