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My wife and I recently returned from a trip to Italy, and I had the opportunity to visit a few different cafes while in Rome.

Each was unique (Tazza d'Oro was an especially fun and unique experience), but there was one small cafe right outside the Vatican walls whose espresso really stood out to me. Each morning I'd have 2-3 shots and every one was consistently tasty.

Found out they were using MokaSirs Pregiato blend and was happy to find a US distributor. My bag arrived within a few days of our return and I've been brewing it, along with Saka, ever since.

Super smooth, tons of crema, and I can honestly say it's probably the most forgiving Italian blend I've tried. Prior to our trip I had mainly used Lavazza Super Crema, but now having tasted them side by side I find I much prefer MokaSirs.


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This post is much appreciated as I am leaving for Rome tomorrow. If you happen to remember the name I would love to check them out as the Vatican is on our list to visit.


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Based on a receipt I found I think it was BorgoPio92 Caffe. It's a small place right around the corner from the Vatican walls. Probably pretty typical of cafes in the area.

Enjoy your trip!