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Distilled water is a poor conductor of electricity and as a result some sensors in boilers may not work properly.
Plavis water is a good conductor of electricity.
The Lelit filter replaces calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions.
Plavis water does not contain magnesium and calcium ions.
In such a situation, the use of the Lelit filter is meaningless.
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Thank you for a great explanation! It's pretty much what I thought, but best to check.


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Hi All - I've been going back and forth with Clive on this, and we believe that I damaged the top nut which stripped the threads which interlock with the needle assembly. I suppose I was too aggressive with the end-point on the paddle. I'll read through the thread to try an pick up tips on how to set it so I can stop the flow, but not put too much pressure on the threads.

I'm also happy to report that Clive is sending me a replacement part free of charge, as my machine is still under the original warranty.

Hope this may help someone else down the line if they find themselves with this issue.


brentvdg wrote:Hi All - Apologies if this has already been covered, but I've been offline for awhile and can't believe how big this thread has become, and my searches have been futile.

I've had the Bianca for about 2.5 years and I've adjusted the paddle 2-3 times to be able to get it to completely stop flow. I tried this again yesterday and it appears the screw portion of the needle in the top nut broke (inside where the threading of the needle sits) so there's no longer a stop point......it just spins and spins, and the flow is no longer restricted.

I've pulled the assembly out, and nothing appears to be obviously broken......some metal shavings came out from the top nut and needle assembly.....so thinking this is it.

Have any of you had this issue, and is the fix the ~$180 kit from 1st-Line?

https://www.1st-line.com/buy/lelit-grou ... -grouphead




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Jeff wrote:This is a head-scratcher for me. I would expect there to be a drop between pump/boiler pressure and group pressure when there is flow. There's a restriction in there ("by means of the resistance"). However, when there is no flow, one would expect the pressures to equalize.
To add some more confusion, I measured pressure using a gauge threaded to the bottom of a portafilter with no basket. With a cold machine, I have my pump/boiler gauge at 8.2-8.4, grouphead at 9.1-9.2 bar, and the portafilter gauge at 8.3-8.4bar. This a static measurement with no flow. My new theory is that the lelit grouphead pressure gauges consistently read too high, but I have very little confidence in this without more data.

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Bianca in black and white incoming :o

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Love the black and white options, but don't like the lighter wood!

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Not my jam, but good to have choices.


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Wait a minute.
Does it mean, some shop knew it just before Lelit announced it? Does it mean it is a very good shop, or the opposite?

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Odd to see an E61 that's not all shiny steel; but I can see them working better on a lot of counters.
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Anyone has experience with the Lelit's tamper? The base is a bit wider at 58.55mm and that's the same size as Pullman's BigStep. It has a very nice weight.

The Pesado 58.5mm tamper has a bit of wiggle room in the Lelit's stock baskets while the Lelit's tamper does not.
And the Lelit tamper handle's shape could be bigger like the Pesado's which fills the palm nicely.

The Lelit tamper's base has a flat top so it's easier to push with the thumb & index finger. I have to use the palm to push the Pesado tamper as the base has a slopping top making it difficult for the thumb & index finger to rest on.