Alignment after seasoning Lagom P100

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Sorry if my english is not perfect, but I hope you understand. I received my new lagom p100 a couple days ago. Got it late evening, and just had to try it before going to bed, and what a difference it made. Even better then what I expected. So much clarity and new flavours. I found the zero point, marked it and went to bed.

The next day I ground about 14 pounds of cheap coffee for seasoning. I ground about 3-4 pounds at a time, before 1,5-2 hours break to let the grinder cool. Dont know if this is necessary?

After the seasoning I cleaned the burrs and made a marker test to see how good the alignment was. When I screwed the grinder back together i noticed that the zero point had changed? Is that normal?

And now to the main quastion. I regret that I didnt check the alignment in the first place, because now im insecure if everything are right. Im not good at reading the results after marker test, and hoped you guys can help me. I only have a green marker pen, so not easy to see in pictures.

This pictures show the alignment with slightest sound of touching. The sound is low, and not consistent, meaning that its not perfect aligned? See how its touching more on the opposite sides?

Second picture shows when theres more touching, like they show in different youtube videos. Now there are more of a full contact, but also just in some parts of the burr. On the left side there are definitely more touching then the rest?

What do you think, is it ok or should i do something? The taste is really good, but Im frustrated about the what if it could be better feeling. Why does the zero point change when I open the grinder to clean it? Is it necessary to align burrs after seasoning?

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Better quality of the first picture

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Yes. It is completely normal for the zero point to change as you using the grinder, especially after seasoning. Burrs break in at the micron level and this will affect chirp point.

The marker test is a rudimentary way to align burrs. It does not tell the whole story, especially how alignment is treated under load. If it tastes good, then it's more than likely fine.
- Tim


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I second this. If it is good. don't mess with it. Burrs are under a lot of pressure while grinding coffee beans, which are fairly hard, especially many grams of them. You could warp burrs, or shift the shim etc. Also, it is only aligning them at touch. as they move apart they may oscillate etc. so aligned at touch might not even translate to grinding space.

Unless oblivious problem, I would not align.