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Grinders are one of the keys to exceptional espresso. Discuss them here.

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dyno wrote:Sounds like the J-Max would work for you. I've had no trouble dialing in the grind for espresso and the quality in the cup isn't far off from my Mythos. I dunno if the 8.8 micron thing is marketing but certainly dialing in shots is a piece of cake.
I concur with your view of the J-Max, which IMHO grinds great tasting espresso with the kind of syrupy body that I prefer. I've used more than a few grinders over the years and for my taste in espresso the J-Max hits the spot more often than the others. Were it not such a chore to grind manually it would be the only grinder I'd need to make espresso.


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I like mine alot too and am contemplating building a DC motor setup for it. Most of the stuff is in my Aliexpress cart. lol