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Have also been playing around with mine for about a week. Same thing, zero adjustment + shimming was required - I was near 1.0 for an acceptable flow speed out of the box.

Paired with the bianca, the flow seems very fast compared to the niche (18/45 for a medium roast). I don't really time my shots since I use the paddle - the extraction flow rate seems to go at 2g/s (ie. 20s for 40g after preinfusion) whereas for the niche the sweet spot was closer to 1.5g/s. I'm planning to updose somewhat to get the flow that I want, perhaps the niche was producing more fines which helped regulate the flow speed.

All in all it's early days for any new burr (<10 lbs) and it's my first time with a big(gish) flat. I do not RDT (humid weather) and my retention is horrible (~0.5g). BUT. this grinder truly is incapable of making a bad shot. pretty amazing.

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What aren't more of you just grinding direct to the PF?


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Acavia wrote:Curious about people who use it for pour-overs. Do you find it drains the same no matter the grind?

I have an 804 with Sweet burrs. No matter if I am grinding in 5s to 9, my pour overs drain within +/- 20 seconds of each other. And sometimes a grind in 5s will drain faster than one in 7s - I assume the finer grind is starting to channel would explain that, but still within 15-20 seconds of each other normally. When I had a Comandante, I noticed wide differences in drain times between just a few clicks.
That's just how great grinders/burrs work. A Comandante will produce a lot more fines with a bit finer setting thus clogging your filter and slowing flow down massively. A great unmimodal grinder won't produce as much fines between different settings so extraction times are going up less.