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I found this post after I found my EG-1 died this morning.
Mine is V2 and it worked fine just yesterday evening, and it just suddenly not turning on the motor, but the screen is working and I can even adjust the rpm on it, it just won't turn on.
I think I might have to wait until Monday to get responds from WW, wish me luck.

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Good luck!

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Best of luck!
I don't want a KafaTek


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Keep us updated! Haven't heard of a v2 unit failing before. Interested in how the service process will proceed.


#35: Post by chipman »

I have a EG1V1 that suffered the effects of a ill timed electrical power surge at my condo. Within one week, I had a new control Box. I live in the S.F. bay Area. Service from WW has always been terrific. No complaints from me.

I'm sure the OP will get his grinder going soon.


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That's awesome to hear!


#37: Post by nicholas0000 »

WW customers service is very good, they did reply me on Saturday but it takes a few emails to solve the problem. While I believe we are not in the same timezone, so it took me 2 days to work out the solution.

I have provided them a video, photo of the bottom of the grinder and the order number, then they find out that is the driver's fault. Parts will be send to me and I hope it will arrive sooner so that I can have coffee again. They didnt charge me any money for this issue up to now.

The driver is located in the column and the have provided me an instruction on how to replace the driver.
I suspect I am not the only one have the driver died, mine is the 2020 version.


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The parts finially come and I have my EG-1 fixed just now, can have coffee again.
It takes about 10 days from the day I contacted WW to the part arrives, it was a easy job only require some small allen keys.

There is just one miror complain about their CS, at the very begining they claimd they will be handle this on their cost, but the end they charged me $50 for the part, plus shipping, they said the warranty has lapsed on my unit.

FYI the motor driver they send to me is ZM-6508 from China, it is the same as the one failed inside my unit. I am thinking is there any more reliable electonic parts available for them, so that the grinder will not die again for the same reason.

This is the keyword for JD and taobao if anyone interested 时代超群直流无刷控制器ZM-6508


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Not bashing in any way as the cost to you seems quite reasonable, BUT I'd be a bit annoyed if told initially it would be covered on their end then be charged. Anything mechanical/electrical can and will fail at some point, but this sort of issue is why I avoid some items/brands. Makes no difference to me how the quality is when it's short lived and will need to be addressed sooner rather than later. I'm all for fixing pretty much anything myself when needed, but I also appreciate reliability day in/out, especially all things espresso related.