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I was an early purchaser of the original EG-1 (control box version) and have been extremely happy with it since day one.

About 6 months ago I started losing LED's in the control box screen, I reached out to Weber Workshops and they said I could send it in for repair. The only issue is that it has to be shipped to Taiwan. It's approximately a month turn around to get it repaired and sent back. I decided I could live with a few numbers missing until I purchased a second grinder to get me through.

Now, the grinder has completely quit working. The control box needs to be sent in. All said and done this will cost me around $500CAD. Has anyone else experienced this? The first thing that comes to mind is me having to do this again in the future....I will have to wait for a diagnosis, then ask if there is an update or permanent fix for this failure.

I'd assume I'm not the only one that has experienced this.

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Sorry to hear of your troubles.

I believe there are other threads on HB regarding control box/power supply failures of EG1 series, especially earlier production runs.
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ShelbiRyan (original poster)

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I'll have to do some searching, thanks for the input. I'm hoping to hear this is a one off, for everyone else's sake.

It really is too bad there is no repair options on this continent. Weber always has great customer service so I'd like to think this will get repaired and it will last.

I'll keep everyone posted.

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ShelbiRyan wrote: It really is too bad there is no repair options on this continent.
I really find that hard to believe. I've been retired for a few years now but when I was still on the tools I would bring all kinds of HVAC solid state control boards to Seymour-Smith in Burlngton, Ontario and they would check it out and provide a quote to repair. It was usually less than half the price of a new replacement. I don't know where in Canada you are located but I'm sure Seymour-Smith is not the only electric motor repair shop that provides this service. Look for motor shops that do VFD (variable frequency drive) repairs. Good luck.


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I have a first generation EG! and suffered the same control box failure due to a power surge at my home. I had the choice of doing as you did and send it in to be fixed at a cost of $100.00 plus shipping or just ordering a new unit. I ordered a new box. I received it in about a week.

As for the missing numbers? This has been a irritating problem from the start. Most of us just live with it and go on with our lives as it really has no effect on the operation. Many owner even hide the controller out of sight.


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The company who makes the box will not provide any schematic because of licensing issues. That is why one of the main reasons that the EG1v2 has a self contained controller. that can be fixed if needed.


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In reply to Chipman... Really, just ignore it. Wow... That would bug the neck out of me. It's not as though they discounted them because there was a screen issue etc. These grinders are at the top of the tree in every and finish, product delivery AND cost! I would habe thought their customers services dept would have been a little more sympathetic. Not with standing there are different issues with individual machines- I totally accept that.
Having said that I hope they have been ironed out now and mine which is incoming won't have any problems.

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won't they not just swap yours against a new or repaired one at cost? It seems a bit silly to have to send a piece to HK.
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Yep, ignore it. That was the only solution short of constantly sending it back in for repair. I now shut the main power off when i'm not using the grinder. That seems to have helped preserving then screen.


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As I mentioned, the 2nd generation of the EG1 eliminated that box. Unfortunately the original controller was supplied by a third party who for licensing purposes won't supply WW with a schematic or any other form of help. The burning out of the digets was known almost from the beginning