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Considering all the discussions happening on alignment, would it be possible to make a detailed video specifically on the alignment of the Ulta, how it works and how to do it?

Please don't answer with "The Ultra comes aligned out of the box" :)

Detailing how to align the grinder is very helpful to understand how it works in details, to verify that it is indeed very well made and well thought out, to verify alignment when you receive your grinder, that could be disturbed with shipping or just for the sake of it, how to re-align the grinder later on, etc. etc.

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Absolutely! I haven't put out many videos because we don't have a budget for it and have had a lot to get done with the first round of grinders, but we will be posting more content soon! I think a lot of relevant info can be shared that can be applied across the industry.


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DucaiMann wrote:Absolutely! I haven't put out many videos because we don't have a budget for it
Don't have a budget to record a movie and post it on YT?
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DucaiMann strikes me, from what I've observed as a hands on kind of guy. Having produced a few informational youtube videos for a non coffee related industry, I can attest to the time and effort involved in putting a useful, quality video on line. It may not cost much in actual cash money but the time expenditure can be tremendous. Time is Money when you run a business.
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Then perhaps saying I don't have the time to take videos makes more sense. But I don't want to put words in @DucaiMann mouth so I will let him respond.

Also as someone who posts useful, quality videos "online" (YouTube) all the time it's as simple as recording what you are doing when you are doing it and clicking upload to youtube on your phone. Time is money and a small investment in time would have saved @DucaiMann hours of responding to post like these on multiple platforms. Also, please don't forget knowledge is power...
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eltakeiteasy wrote:Then perhaps saying I don't have the time to take videos makes more sense.
A little off-topic, but one of my biggest regrets is the amateurish quality of the Newbie Introduction to Espresso series. There's lots of good information, but the production quality and pacing are embarrassing by professional standards. I would like to reshoot it... someday.

Nowadays my day job at IBM is producing/scripting videos like this one. Each one represents weeks of work and these are "low budget" ones that would need reshooting for our high-profile inbound marketing campaigns. This is a long-winded way of saying: If DucaiMann or any other vendor doesn't want to represent their brand with handheld smartphone videos, I fully appreciate that point of view.

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Here's a quick video on how we check alignment on our grinders.

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Thank you for the video! I'm waiting for my Ultra to arrive so it's very helpful watching videos like this one.

Is 35 microns still a bit too wide for the alignment? I would love to watch another video on how to align the Ultra.

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Coming soon!

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New Bean Dosing Funnel included with every LeverCraft Grinder. These will also fit any other grinder with a 58mm opening for bean feeding!