Smallest straight-wall 58mm basket?

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I'm overall very happy with non-straight-wall single baskets (which I use with 12 gram doses), but I've seen many claims that such baskets produce uneven extraction compared to straight-wall ones. I already have 18 and 20 gram double baskets that are straight-wall, but they produce too much coffee and too much crema for my liking.

Is the 10 gram Decent basket the only option, or are there other options? I'm looking for a basket that can be used with a standard tamper (I already have a 7 gram VST basket that uses a 41mm tamper and I'm not a fan).

Thanks in advance!

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Below around 12-14 g in the basket the puck gets too thin. The VST 15 is the shortest they make, probably for good reason.

You don't need a special basket to try this if you've already got untapered baskets. I definitely wouldn't buy the DE 10.

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Jeff wrote:You don't need a special basket to try this if you've already got untapered baskets.
At least with a Flair 58 trying to use even 15 gram in a 20 gram basket doesn't work very well. There's too much headspace, requiring more water than what can fit in the cylinder. It's also impossible for a leveler tool to reach deep enough.

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So far the smallest straight-wall basket I found (other than the 10g Decent) is E&B LAB B702TFH20. It's supposed to support between 12 and 14 grams and has a height of 20mm. Looks exactly like what I'm looking for. Does anyone have any experience with this basket?

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