ECM Classika sudden flow problems

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I have an ECM Classika with flow control that's been working flawlessly since I got it about 5 months ago. I went a long weekend without using it, and today it is acting erratic. With all my settings dialed in like normal, the shot pulls in about 3 seconds. Pressure on the machine's gauge reads 10 bar, but the pressure up at the flow control device only reads 2 bar. I haven't touched my grinder's settings. Any help is much appreciated.

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Nine times out of ten, issues like this are the grinder, not the machine. Try tightening up the grinder and see what happens.

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I'll give that a shot. I'm using a Baratza Sette 270 Wi grinder and it has been predictable since I got through the break-in period and re shimming. I'll take the hopper off and see if something got loose.

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I don't like to leave threads open ended. I took the burr and adjustment assembly out of my Sette 270 Wi and cleaned it all out. I made sure the bolt for the shims was tight, and it was. Put it all back together, set it on 9H and still pulling watery shots in <10s.

I cranked it finer incrementally until I got in the 20-30s range at setting 5A, which for this grinder is a huge jump. I just don't understand why it would suddenly require such a drastic adjustment. I've been using the same roast from the same company for the last few months. It's been very consistent across bags. This change happened in the middle of a bag, right after refilling the hopper. We'll see if it goes back to normal with my next bag of beans.


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A Wi grinding by weight is going to put out less actual coffee (equal weight, but far more of it is absorbed humidity) when grinding beans from a bag that has been open for 12 hours in humid summer weather than a bag that has only been open for a minute. You'll probably find that making very slight adjustments to the grinder every 5 or 10 cups, based on the results of your last three espressos, helps keep it from getting to the point where you have to throw a drink in the sink because it is too far off.

With less actual coffee in the basket, the water will flow through faster. The humidity isn't the only factor that affects the beans as they age, but in very humid weather it is noticeable. Be glad that you've got a grinder with such an adjustable range, it makes it easy to prove there's nothing wrong with the machine, just by dialing in the grind.