Should I follow the La Marzocco maintenance plan?

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I will be ordering a GS3 MP. After seeing the maintenance documentation regarding ownership after 6 months and a year, should I follow the maintenance checklists if I'm using the machine daily for mostly light use? Maybe a shot or two a day? I plan to run the machine for roughy 4 hours a day on the timer to give me a window to wake up an prepare my coffee. Possibly less.

I see these actions suggested actions specifically:

Replace Group Gaskets
Replace Diffuser Screens
Rebuild MP Valve

I appreciate the feedback.


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Simple answer is no.

No one knows what La Marzocco's advice is based on, but likely it's something like 100 cups a day. Home-use nowhere puts the wear and tear on the machine that requires such a rigorous maintenance scheme (I guess there's even a 6 month and 12 month inverval).

Just use your eyes and feel to replace parts. Descaling depends on your locale. The only thing La Marzocco is known for is the vacuum breaker. You can just wait until it breaks, clean it regularly or replace it every year preventively. You can then decide to replace the whole vacuum breaker (the part costs like €30) or only the rubber O-ring (cost like €3 for 10). If you let an official LM tech do this for you, it will obviously be more expensive. There's also an upgraded new-style vacuum breaker that costs €100 and should be replaced far less frequently, but is also less suited for home use due to its condensation built up. Considering it lasts about 3-4 times longer, it's not cheaper.
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clokwork wrote:Replace Group Gaskets
The document is just a preventative checklist, it doesn't cost much to ensure your machine is working as it should.

From the list, I'd suggest you at least check the flow rate and replace the group gasket. The stock gasket literally crumbled when I took it out after 6 months, worth replacing it with the longer lasting and more durable H3007 silicone gasket.

clokwork (original poster)

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Thanks for the heads up! I certainly will upgrade the gasket. Thankfully that seems to be a fairly direct job.