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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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littlenut wrote:Tom, Thanks for this heads-up back then. I grabbed 10#. I just saw this in the SM "Just Added" e-mail. Seems it ... -7221.html is a new arrival and based on Tom's (Sweet Maria's) description I bought some.
Wow - that went pretty fast.


#2152: Post by Roasty » ... -7235.html

I'm a sucker for Ethiopians with pronounced characteristics. Gonna give this one a go.

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#2153: Post by TigerStripes » ... -7218.html

91 point Kenya Kirinyaga newly in stock at Sweet Marias - this one will go fast. I just picked up 5lbs.

If you met me at the decent meetup serving shots out of the RV - you know how good this stuff can be :D
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