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So about a month ago I received my new Kaldi Fortis. I love it, and I'm looking forward to the challenge of this step up. Unfortunately someone walked away with a box containing my data logger, tools, instructions, and power adapters. I've already ordered another data logger, but I'm hoping someone can help me with a few things:

- I'm having trouble finding information about what size adapters I need. I see it's DC24V 1A/Free volt, but what size input do I need for the roaster and cooler?

- What were the tools included in the roaster package? I know I'll need those for maintenance, but I don't know what to order.

- does anyone have a PDF of the instructions? I never had a chance to read them. I emailed Mr. Hong requesting information, but I have not yet received a reply.

I'm looking forward to getting back to roasting, this has been frustrating so far.


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Sorry to hear, Chris. I know I bundled that stuff up and put away for future needs. I will try to remember where I put it or just root around and hope to find it.

TBH, If I lost that "stuff" I would first head to the Kaldi site https://eng.homecaffe.net/ and ask for help. Explain what I was looking for and ask for a cost for replacing the items or help in sourcing the items. My experience with Kaldi has always been great. Very helpful.

If/When I find my Fortis "things" I'll post here.


ShepherdKerr (original poster)

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I appreciate that. I did hear back from Hong and got some needed details about the power supplies. I've ordered what I think will work, along with what tools I need to purchase for maintenance. The only thing I'm missing is the instruction manual. I'm hoping Hong can send me a PDF.


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ShepherdKerr wrote: <SNIPPAGE> The only thing I'm missing is the instruction manual. I'm hoping Hong can send me a PDF.

Chris, I have a scanned copy of the "manual" that came with my Fortis. It is only ~10MB. E-mail? -LN