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I have been using the included standard double basket with good results in my Breville Dual Boiler. Recently switched to a 20g IMS Baristapro Nanotech and am now seeing two things happen. One is the puck, more often than not, is stuck to the screen. The second thing is the flow from the basket is spread across the surface of the basket for the entire shot as opposed to coalescing into a single stream from the middle of the basket. Taste is still good. Cleanup is a bit messy and the stream is not as aesthetically pleasing, lol.

Are both of these effects common with the IMS nanotech baskets?

(I think this is the right sub forum for this question. If another sub is better suited, I'll move there.)

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Nanotech is a non-stick coating so your machine's 3-way action will suck pucks upwards. Now you're supposed to buy a Nanotech shower screen so the puck won't stick to the shower screen and thus fall back into the basket :wink:.

Years ago, the industry tried selling Teflon baskets as well; nobody bought them - I think because the colour was just weird. James Hoffmann tried one, of course:
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That color really is odd!

Okay...nope, not gonna buy a screen, I can deal with the bit of mess. Remind me why I wanted the IMS? :D


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To me, nanotech makes sense in a café, where one can only practically remove and clean/de-grease the shower screen and baskets (and very lightly lube the portafilter gasket) at the end of each day (which roughly works out to 300 shots per group).

At home, we can clean more often - but the shimmering nanotech finish does look cool :D.
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I have essentially the same machine and found it can mostly be fixed as long as you don't wait too to take out of of the grouphead, or you could downdose half a gram or so. IMO the cleanliness makes them worth it. Pucks don't stick to the basket at all and it's a quick rinse. They are a lot more prep and fresh coffee dependent though, that's why you might be having channeling. As soon as my coffee starts to "stale" a bit I switch back to the stock basket or an EPHQ basket.